shanghai-daily上海灘 2013蛇年風水日誌

Moleskine legendary collaboration with Shanghai Tang continues with the “year of the snake” Moleskine
notebooks and diary

Moleskine 與上海灘再次傳奇合作呈獻2013蛇年限量版筆記本及風水運程日誌


普藍色的上海灘 x Moleskine x 上官知正師傅的2013蛇年風水日誌,融合了中國風水命理介紹和中國年曆為一體,記載了由上海灘御用風水師上官師傅,撰寫的2103蛇年運程和2013年每天宜忌指南。

傳奇筆記本Moleskine與中國時尚品牌上海灘再一次攜手合作,為你帶來全新的上海灘 x Moleskine 2013風水日誌,以及限量版的彩色筆記本系列。封面用色挑選了上海灘的標誌色, 再加上搶眼的蛇紋的絲網印刷,特顯上海灘一貫時尚風格。

上海灘 x Moleskine特別版融合了為上海灘度身設計的封面,採用蛇紋圖案, 象徵著中國的生肖解說中蛇的優雅、靈敏、機智和聰穎,加上Moleskine的經典特徵- 橡根箍環、書腰紙條及絲帶書籤。封面內頁均用上上海灘標誌式的色系,突顯別緻、時髦的中國風情。



Shanghai Tang for Moleskine 2013 Snake Feng Shui Diary

Mole­skine and Shanghai Tang collaborate again to launch a new 2013 Feng Shui Diary & a unique coloured limited-edition notebook collection representing the most well-loved iconic colours of Shanghai Tang. Featuring exclusive cover art with eye-catching silk screen snake pattern.

The Moleskine x Shanghai Tang special edition features a customized cover, a sophisticated embossed snakeskin print on the covers, symbolizing elegance, intelligence, attentiveness and intuitiveness according to the Chinese Zodiac; with the classic Moleskine features of elastic closure, paper band, and bookmark and inside cover with inspiring pattern and colour combination in Shanghai Tang’s iconic colour scheme, to further highlight the Chinese chic style.

SHT-Notebook-2013-blue-icon-324x250*Feng Shui advice is available in Shanghai Tang for Moleskine Feng Shui Diary only **Feng Shui advice by Master Koon Zhi Zheng (上官知正師傅) **
*Free Delivery Worldwide available while stock last


Cover : Hard Cover
Size : 13x21cm
Layout : Horizontal weekly diary

Colour : Navy blue
Pages : 192pages
Paper : Acid-free
Price HK$398.00



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