NINE  STAR  KILegend tells us that around the year 2205 BC, a man named Yu of Hsia, watched a noble Tortoise emerge from the legendary Yellow River, carrying on its huge back, nine numbers that were arranged in a grid pattern. This pattern became to be known as the Lo-shu and is the predecessor of the Later Heaven pakua.

The first time the actual use of the term feng shui appears in any ancient text was from a passage found in the Book of Burial, written by Guo Po in the 4th century.

"Qi rides the feng (wind) and scatters, but is retained when Encountering shui (water)"


In natural terms, water represents winter. When water falls from the sky it penetrates deep into the earth, replenishing water tables and initiating birth for the abundance of life to come. Water Qi therefore is a descending type of Qi. This means that the deeper it goes, the denser it becomes and pressure builds.

Yue 月
Nian 年
Shi 時辰
Liu ri xing 流日飛星
Liu yue xing 流月星
Liu nian xing 流年星  
Jiu yun 九運
San yuan jiu yun 三元九運

Shang yuan 上元
Zhong yuan  中元
Xia yuan 下元
Yun 運
Yun qi 運氣
Yun xing 運星


Wu zi yuan 五子運(河圖)


Yang gong ji ri 楊公忌日 (殺師日)



Two hour period
Current daily star
Current monthly star
Current yearly star
Nine 20 year periods
Three periods and nine subcycles


Upper 60 year period
Middle 60 year period
Lower 60 year period
20 year period (subcycle)
"usage/lucky period"
Period star/timely star


Five zi cycle


Master killing dates, Master Yang's inauspicious dates, holiday for Feng Shui practitioner


Five day period

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上官師傅 Master Koon



上官知正師傅 Koon Sir 為 商業.家居 (陽宅:廠房 商鋪 寫字樓) 國際級風水大師. 迷信空間-電台風水節目金牌主持.

地理堪輿 (陰宅:八運土葬風水 高級造葬擇日) 風水大師. 八字、紫微斗數命理大師,多家國際品牌【御用風水大師】.

歡迎美國、加拿大 (溫哥華、多倫多...)、澳洲、新西蘭、英國、荷蘭....... 等地海內外華人,預約 2017年雞年風水命理服務:

上官師傅【bb起名 bb擇日】服務,在香港及海外華人社會贏盡口碑,蜚聲國際。這不單是因為上官師傅是三位小朋友的好爸爸,更重要是師傅明白每個爸爸媽媽的真正需要,認認真真為自己孩子批命,找出五行喜用,貼心為孩子推算:【好的音韻名字、好的出生日子】!立即預約。