The Feng Shui concept of Built structureIn Feng Shui basic terminologies it does not suffice to talk about houses, or apartments, where rules pertaining to Facing equally apply to all built structures in which we need people to thrive. Instead, we use built structure, while this term may also apply to Yin Zhai (grave sites) Feng Shui, because a grave site is a built structure also, following practically the same rules – but not quite, but that is outside the realm of this article - for Mountain and Water. A built structure in a Feng Shui sense has the ability for Qi to be confined, i.e. it has walls and roof.

For some modern houses it is difficult to determine Facing and Sitting. Always keep in mind that most structures have one Facing side and one Sitting side only. This rule may become more flexible when auditing apartments or business complexes, which will be discussed further down. Usually, and for a normal house, all floors will have identical Facings. However, some modern houses may be rented out in separate floors.

We will take you on a journey on Facing, Sitting, Ming Tang and lay-out of active rooms. By the time you read this article a couple of times, we hope things became a little more transparent. If you are running around your house and feel disheartened, just drop the matter for a day, go over all details concerning Facing and Sitting once more and try again the next day. All will fall into place.

Ultimately, any built structure will produce one decisive Facing side only. Still, there are a number of considerations to include in your assessment that may keep you busy.

This article is an attempt to approach the subject and give you tools in order for you to become proficient at the task of finding Facing and Sitting. Again, don't get disillusioned as you can rest assured that even the masters need work very careful on this account, since finding the Facing will remain a challenge throughout your practise.

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