Annual Flying Star- 7

This year the annual ruling star is 7 also known as Po Jun . In age of 8, star 7 is a fading star. Last year, 2010 was 8 over 8.

This year with star 7 sitting over the ruling age star 8, star 7 is Metal draining star 8 Earth. 8 is trigram Ken which represents a male teenager or a young male. This may bring depression and injuries to male teenagers.


Location that is associated with human conflict / poor relationship. You may place a Standing Lamp that represents fire to weaken its disturbance force.  

This is the wealth sector for 2011. If you have a room or door at this sector of your house, use it often to activate the Wealth star. Alternative, you can place a bowl of water (Non Moving) at this area for good financial growth.

Flying Stars for Year 2011

starAnnual & Yearly flying stars for 2011 ( Lunar Year of Rabbit )

Prosperous Stars ( #1, #6, #8, #9 )八白星與【三吉星】
Locate these corners with prosperous stars and activate them correctly to harness the beneficial Qi.

5 Yellow Star ( #5 )五黃廉貞凶星
5 Yellow, a misfortune star has arrived in the East Sector for year 2011. It is one of the most dangerous star that indicates accidents, illness and just bad luck all round. Do not attempt any groundbreaking, renovation or drilling at this sector as you will disturb the 5 yellow. An auspicious time and date selection must be given to perform these activities.




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上官知正師傅 Koon Sir 為 商業.家居 (陽宅:廠房 商鋪 寫字樓) 國際級風水大師. 迷信空間-電台風水節目金牌主持.

地理堪輿 (陰宅:八運土葬風水 高級造葬擇日) 風水大師. 八字、紫微斗數命理大師,多家國際品牌【御用風水大師】.

歡迎美國、加拿大 (溫哥華、多倫多...)、澳洲、新西蘭、英國、荷蘭....... 等地海內外華人,預約 2017年雞年風水命理服務:

上官師傅【bb起名 bb擇日】服務,在香港及海外華人社會贏盡口碑,蜚聲國際。這不單是因為上官師傅是三位小朋友的好爸爸,更重要是師傅明白每個爸爸媽媽的真正需要,認認真真為自己孩子批命,找出五行喜用,貼心為孩子推算:【好的音韻名字、好的出生日子】!立即預約。