Importance of Date Selection


Two houses have the exact same Facing Direction and same Structure. Feng Shui reading for the both is good in Period 8. Anyone who stays in this house will enjoy good fortune and prosperous luck. The owners are however advised by their respective Feng Shui master to move in at a very different timing and season.


Both houses have the exact same Facing Direction and same Structure.
House A:

Move-in Date & Time selected in the Spring Season (Feb to Apr) 2009
Effect After they¡¦d moved in:
• Great destructive influence from financial loss, sickness and mishaps.
• Their younger daughter was injured in a road accident.
• The lady owner (a single mother in her mid 40s) was retrenched due to corporate downsizing process.
• The elder son began to suffer from poor health.

House B:
Move-in Date & Time selected in the Autumn Season (Aug to Oct) 2009
Effect After they¡¦d moved in:
• The house owner strike in buying 4D.
• Business started growing immediately after shifted into the house.
• Wife had a huge promotion at work.
• Their elder daughter got her first job after graduating from college.

How can the result be so different?

Is it because different people have different luck? Result is different depending on individual? Or is it that one has done something wrong his / her previous life?

Answer & Fact:
Difference in the time-factor (Good and Bad Move-in date)

Method of Date Selection:

House A: - Other date selection method

House B: - Traditional XKDG Date selection

P/s: Genuine case encountered 2 neighboring house at Bishan district

In order to be an accomplished Feng Shui practitioner, you must have good knowledge in Date Selection

Many Feng Shui practitioners know how to read Feng Shui, do audits, offer changes, but somehow they may not get the desired results after the changes are made. This is due to the incompatible method of Date Selection applied. In Xuan Kong Feng Shui, one must use the Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection method to obtain the desired results.

Do You Know?

Do you know that Moving Into a New House on the Wrong Date will affect a house Feng Shui? The bad effect will stayed with you until the day you shifted out.


By Jon Sim

上官師傅 Master Koon



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