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Flying Stars for 2011

Annual Flying Star- 7

This year the annual ruling star is 7 also known as Po Jun . In age of 8, star 7 is a fading star. Last year, 2010 was 8 over 8.

This year with star 7 sitting over the ruling age star 8, star 7 is Metal draining star 8 Earth. 8 is trigram Ken which represents a male teenager or a young male. This may bring depression and injuries to male teenagers.


If you have growing teenage sons do keep an eye on their peer group activities.

There will be more protest and upheaval due to un-popular government new rulings. Economic Growth will not be as vibrant as in 2010. Sexual diseases, HIV and aids will on be the rise in the month of September and October. Do beware of robbery and house break-ins. Avoid carrying too much cash when traveling. Be careful whilst driving. More road accidents are expected this year. The fire department will be busy attending to fire hazards in the month of June and July.

7 represents the trigram Dui , also known as the lake. It also implies happiness, beautiful young women. Number 7 is Metal. We expect that the IT industry will be launching a bigger range of new communication products.

Star No 7 related industries are:

Star 7 is good for speech related and communication industries. The body parts that star 7 represent is the Mouth. Hence such industries like Singing and acting industry, Concerts and road shows, Teaching and Law professions will be popular. Metal Industries such as Gold, silver, jewelry, automobile and steel related products will be in demand.


Inauspicious industries are:

Shipping, Transportation, Energy, Gas, Timber, Travel, Pulp and paper, stationery, Publishing and media. These industries will face stiff competition and price wars.

As Earth is the preferred element, the property market industry demand and prices will continue to rise till the Q2 of 2011 but at a slower pace compared to 2010.

“Metal industries such as Gold and Silver will be in demand.”


Feng Shui – Annual Flying Stars


Star 1- North-east
This is a lucky star, 1 White arriving at the northeast. If your door faces this direction it will bring promotion, romance and academic recognitions. You may place your study desk at NE. Place a bowl of clear water with 6 coins at this sector to enhance this star.


Star 2 – South
Star 2, the sickness star arrived at the South direction. If your main door or bedroom windows face South hang a strand of 6 Metal ancient Chinese coins to harmonize this star. Alternatively, you may place a metal object or paint with white color or hang a golden color poster painting at this sector.


Star 3 – North
This is a quarrelsome star. If your door faces North, place a red color floor mat outside your main door entrance. Don’t paint red onto your door.


Star 4 – South-west
This star, though a fading star is usable. It can trigger romance and academic success. Use this area for your study corner. In the bedroom at the SW sector place a stalk of flower in a vase by your bed side if you are in romance moods.


Star 5 – East.
This is another potent star also known as the 5 yellow star. If your door faces east it could bring loss, sickness or poverty. To harmonize this, the traditional cure is to hang a 6 rods metal wind-chime but sometimes it is not appropriate as the chiming sounds may irritate your neighbors. I normally recommend placing a gold colored floor mat outside the door. Some prefer to stick 6 metal coins over the door.


Star 6 – South-east
Star 6 is another fading star but since it is a white star it is usable if you know the secret of this star. If this star is properly treated it can bring promotion, travel and migration opportunities. Place a bowl of ‘still’ water at this sector of your house.


Star 7 – Centre
Star 7 is a robbery star. Beware of intrusion and fire hazard. Avoid having red color at this sector. If it falls in your kitchen be mindful with your stove and gas pipes. Make sure the gas switch is off when you finish cooking. Remind your maids and family members as well.


Star 8 – Northwest
This is the timely star and is also a good star. If your house main door faces northwest, there will be opportunities for gaining wealth. Please do not indulge in any gambling activities! If you have a water feature outside your house make sure the water is kept fresh and clean. Check whether the water pump is working properly. Inside the house you may place a mini water fountain at this corner to enhance this star.


Star 9 – West
This is another timely star. You can activate this star for childbirth if you are newly married. If combined with star 2 and 7 it may cause eye problems. For this issue you have to refer to your house birth chart.

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