The Feng Shui concept of Built structure
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The Feng Shui concept of Built structure

The Feng Shui concept of Built structureIn Feng Shui basic terminologies it does not suffice to talk about houses, or apartments, where rules pertaining to Facing equally apply to all built structures in which we need people to thrive. Instead, we use built structure, while this term may also apply to Yin Zhai (grave sites) Feng Shui, because a grave site is a built structure also, following practically the same rules – but not quite, but that is outside the realm of this article – for Mountain and Water. A built structure in a Feng Shui sense has the ability for Qi to be confined, i.e. it has walls and roof.

In terms of Feng Shui for Yang Zhai (buildings for the living), a built structure will be usually a residential or commercial building. A built structure in the sense used here, must be enclosed by walls and a roof before a complete Flying Star chart – referred to as Man chart or Ren Pan – can be constructed and applied.

We cannot use a complete Flying Star chart for open land. A complete Flying Star chart can be only used for a building that is able to confine – or lock in – Qi.

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