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Xuan Kong Feng Shui – Determining Facing and Sitting Directions Part 1

In Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) and before we can arrive to the Flying Star chart, we need establish the Facing side – Facing Palace – of the built structure. This article is an attempt to cover the subject, especially for beginners or those confused over the subject, but the article covers much more.

Prior to your Xuan Kong Fei Xing Feng Shui survey, you need accurately determine the Facing side of the built structure.

The Facing Palace can be either one of the eight 45 degree sectors of your built structure. It is critical that absolute accuracy be employed in this determination. However, no matter how many rules or guidelines there are to follow, it may go either way: it may happen that you determine the Facing in a split second, it may also happen that, no matter how well you weigh the many different factors you learnt, it may sometimes seem virtually impossible to assign one of the walls the Facing.

This is true for beginners, but rest assured, this is true also for whomever is in whichever stage of profoundness.

No any one article on the subject will be ever able to substitute what must by far be the best way to learn how to determine Facing, formal training and be at the side of a living teacher (only a teacher can correct you and tell you how ‘off’ your decisions are, which is a healthy way of learning the right path). Nevertheless, nothing keeps us from showing at least some of the more persistent ins and outs, if only because not all of us are able to attend class, but we still wish to be able to assess our Feng Shui situation and proceed. To help you proceed is at the aim of this article.

This article then is an attempt to assist you in assessing principles of Facing, Sitting and Ming Tang (Bright Hall) in the correct manner. Deciding the Facing of a building can become and will remain a complex issue, so if it gives you trouble, at least you will know you are not by yourself. Just know for now that always just only one side will be the correct Facing side. The rest is your practise, your skill, your experience and one or two clues hopefully rendered by this article.

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