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Xuan Kong Feng Shui – Determining Facing and Sitting Directions Part 2

Ultimately, any built structure will produce one decisive Facing side only. Still, there are a number of considerations to include in your assessment that may keep you busy.

This article is an attempt to approach the subject and give you tools in order for you to become proficient at the task of finding Facing and Sitting. Again, don’t get disillusioned as you can rest assured that even the masters need work very careful on this account, since finding the Facing will remain a challenge throughout your practise.

Remember always that we are assessing Qi and ‘Qi is its own man’, so to speak. Rest assured that Qi will not follow any of our brain expectations. See, any and all in Oriental Metaphysics is based in paradox. If you cannot handle or accept paradox, you may have difficulty finding the Facing, because most but not all of this subject will ‘make sense’. The moment you decided the Facing, someone may tell you it was wrong for that and that reason, while you firmly believed you had followed directions and rules in their prescribed way.

Most of us can handle this fine, as our brain and spine feel most comfortable here:

If from A comes B, then from B must come C.

You shall have to get adjusted to this (and by the time this is done, for most of us a lot of water will have crossed the dyke, as we say in the Netherlands) in order to be able to handle anything in metaphysics, starting with the Facing issues:

If from A comes B, then from B may just as well come Y.

Before we can arrive to the correct Flying Star chart for a built structure, a compass reading needs to be taken at the Facing side, at the Facing Palace. You can suffice with using a normal Western compass for as long as it shows accurate degrees.

But things can become a little tricky sometimes, because we need to first decide how to define Facing side. Also, what to do if you found the correct Facing, but it is either in a different location than the architectural front – the façade -, or the layout of the interior does not seem to match the situation. What about apartment units. We will be looking into this also.

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