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Xuan Kong Feng Shui – Determining Facing and Sitting Directions Part 3

We will take you on a journey on Facing, Sitting, Ming Tang and lay-out of active rooms. By the time you read this article a couple of times, we hope things became a little more transparent. If you are running around your house and feel disheartened, just drop the matter for a day, go over all details concerning Facing and Sitting once more and try again the next day. All will fall into place.

We look for a clean compass reading, rather than magnetic distortion. Therefore, the compass reading must be always taken outside the built structure. Compass readings taken from inside a building will be inaccurate due to the influences of metallic objects, electrical wiring, metal water pipes, ceiling pressure and various other factors. Even compass readings taken outside may sometimes be inaccurate due to certain presences uderneath the soil, e.g. rocks, water, metal, voids.

Even some masters today still take a compass reading from inside the building,

which is pertinently wrong when it is our objective to read a house’s orientation to magnetic North. Some stand in the center of the house, draw an imaginary line from the center of the house to the center of the main door to take a compass reading and call the result ‘Facing’.

Likewise, taking a compass reading from the location – or even the orientation – of the main entrance, even when done outside, is not proper Xuan Kong Fei Xing Feng Shui and this may not lead to the correct Flying Star chart.

In order to determine the Facing, you will be working with several considerations all at the same time. Where three factors may then imply a certain Facing, just one other decisive factor may yet have you decide otherwise and here is why the matter can become complex. However, we are not weighing quantities, we are observing Qi. Weighing all considerations along with some of your experience, will eventually lead you into correct assessment.

A detailed and logical analysis is required to determine the Facing and Sitting of your building. The Facing direction may or may not be at the architectural front of your house. Then also, even if you correctly located the Facing of your house, you may perhaps not find the door in the same 45 degrees directional Palace.

Facing is determined by several different factors that must be considered andweighed simultaneously. Correct determination of Facing is absolutely critical

because all of your assessments and adjustments pertain to this. Determining Facing can be the most easy part of your survey, it can also be the most challenging part.

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